Performed during the Tulca Festival of Visual Art at Columban Hall Sea Road Galway 16th Nov 2011

" The artist continues in his methodology of utilising and questioning the nature of
official documents and findings of ‘truth’ "
Tulca Festival of Visual Art:

"If you read through the findings of the numerous reports that have highlighted the
abuse (and subsequent cover up) of thousands of children by members of the
catholic clergy in Ireland you will also discover the enormous scale and extent to
which many other people, including teachers, workers in institutions, members of
the health care and legal professions, social workers, foster carers, members of the
Gardaí, politicians and civil servants were also found to have either perpetrated,
covered up or chosen to ignore the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of those
same children.

Have we really understood, accepted and addressed these findings?
Have we even begun to comprehend the implications for us as individuals and as a

What is the point of getting to the truth?"
Dominic Thorpe