Due Process
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Due process was created and performed with Sandra Johnston.

The work was a response to the findings of the Permanent People Tribunal on Sri Lanka hosted by Trinity college in Dublin in 2010.

During the Due Process Performance Dominic Thorpe and Sandra Johnston responded to an audio recording of the findings of the tribunal in the presence of Irish people and Tamils people living in Ireland.

It was an act of being together.

The findings of the tribunal are in four categories: a) the Sri Lankan Government, Security Forces and aligned paramilitary groups have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, b) the International Community, particularly the UK and USA, share responsibility for the breakdown of the peace process. The European Union has been complicit in the obstruction and dismantling of the peace process and stigmatising of Tamil groups by banning the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, c) numerous countries have facilitated the Sri Lankan Government in perpetrating these crimes by bolstering its military capabilities, d) the International Community has neglected its duty to promote peace in the region.

For information on the Tribunal go to www.pptsrilanka.org

All Images copyright Dominic Thorpe and Sandra Johnston 2010