Public Art Project
Clondalkin, Dublin 2006

I made contact with the Community Action on Suicide organisation in north Clondalkin, west Dublin. The area was experiencing a very high level of suicides, particularly among young people. We arranged that I collaborate with a group of young people from the area to create artworks to be shown during a 'Positive Mental Health Week' taking place in north Clondalkin. The young people were invited to take part by John Quinn, the father of their friend Sean who had taken his own life the previous year.

The collaboration took place over a number of months. The resulting work took three forms using words that became prominent as our meetings progressed. The first was a temporary re-naming of streets in the area with street name-plates particular to north Clondalkin, Dublin 22. The second work was a series of Irish flags that were flown for a number of weeks at various locations in north Clondalkin. The third work was a billboard/poster designed to encourage other young people to ask for help if they need it. It was hung on a number of billboards and bustops in the area for two weeks.

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